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The worlds best phone system. Now free.

Need a phone system? How about some funky call routing? Remote workers? Or just looking for that big office look?

Whatever your needs are, Calliope has got you covered. We aim to be a world class tele-communications platform that's so easy to set up - even your mom can do it!

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Need Help? Got a question, comment or idea you want to share?

Our friendly community is standing by. Send us your issues and grab a cup of coffee. Help is on the way!

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Got a case of "the devs"? Think you can do it better?

Calliope is Open Source and just can't wait for you to start hacking her. Meet her on github and fork her until you're satisfied. When you're done, just hit us with a pull request and we'll take her off your hands.

What could be better?

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We're working hard to get some stuff out for you to download. In the meantime, we want you to feel like your part of the family. So roll your sleeves up and get to work! Calliope needs you.

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Got issues? Need a listening ear? We know how you feel. We're here to help. Hit up our issues tracker. You can trust us.

Remember, support questions, how-do-I's, I-think-I-found-a-bug, and it-doesn't-work-the-way-I-want-it-to are all great topics for the email group.

Once you have a confirmed bug, feel free to hit up our issue tracker and get a load off your mind. Don't feel alone, we're here to help.

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C'mon, what kind of project would we be if we didn't flaunt our social (networking) skills? Here you have it, all that's good, straight from the source.

For now, our Google Plus page will also serve as our blog, so make sure to circle us to ensure you're always up to date!

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